On-Grid Home

This is where a Listeroid configured for supplementary power production can give you and your family the peace of mind of having an alternative to the “Power Company”. Generating supplemental electric energy can happen through the various renewable (naturally replenished) energy sources available today. However, they are NOT reliable. At night and when overcast, Solar does not work and when the wind dies down wind generation does not work. Listeroids work all the time. Raining, snowing, foggy, at night or when the wind doesn’t blow. ALL the time. A Listeroid is a relatively inexpensive, notoriously reliable and can be an “always on” supplementary power source. Isn’t that the whole point of “supplementary” backup power to be available whenever you need it? We think it is. Your Listeroid power generator would be sized to provide the key systems of your choice with power when the municipal power was out. The Listeroid system would be switched into your home or business power distribution box either manually or with an automatic transfer switch depending on how the system is installed. A Listeroid is an ideal reliable supplementary power source with practically 100% duty cycles.