Off-Grid Home

With this use case certain considerations should be made with the installation. A large enough fuel tank should be installed to provide at least a few days between refueling. With the factory supplied fuel tank the Listeroid will run for a minimum 10 – 12 hours before re-fueling is needed, depending on the load. In addition, a separate muffler or other exhaust system to reduce the exhaust note as much as possible may be appropriate. We’d be happy to discuss recommendations with our customer or their installer.

Depending on load, a ballasting or stored power system may be appropriate. This is the most complicated configuration but also the most flexible. It is primarily intended for Off-Grid, but can also apply in an On-Grid but unreliable environment. The configuration stores power in a battery array and delivers both AC and DC to the home or business through an “Inverter” A modern inverter takes in AC from the Listeroid’s alternator and DC from other sources such as wind of solar and uses those power inputs to an inverter to charge a battery array. The batteries can be Lead Acid, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), GEL or Lithium. AGM and GEL are also forms of Lead Acid batteries while Lithium is a newer and more advanced battery technology. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with the installer when making decisions on the configuration of your ballasting power system. For consumption, the inverter takes DC power from the batteries, converts it into AC and DC and supplies that power to home or business when and to what degree it is needed. You can size this type of system with a smaller Listeroid generator than a direct power application because the battery will “ballast” or store the power and then deliver it with the “surges” needed that would require a larger Listeroid system if battery ballasting was not available and configured. This configuration also allows you to store power for consumption while the Listeroid is down for maintenance like fueling, oil changes or adjustments and perhaps repairs like replacing belts or batteries.