Listeroid Price List

ListeroidPrice FOB Bolton Ma.
6/1 (4KW output)$3,755
10/1 (6.5KW Output)$4,185
12/1 (8Kw Output)$4,265
20/2 (12KW Output)$6,275
24/2 (15KW Output)$6,435
(6/1) 5 KW Power Head Kit$2,495
(10/1) 7.5 KW Power Head Kit$2,675
(12/1) 10 KW Power Head Kit$2,895
(20/2) 15 KW Power Head Kit$3,195
(24/2) 20 KW Power Head Kit$3,275
Electric Start conversion kit for 1- or 2-cylinder ListeroidsPer Quote
7” pulley for 650 rpm engine$265
10.75” pulley for 1,000 rpm engine$310
Alternator power control box.$395

Note: The Power Head Kit includes; 4 Pole Brushless Alternator, Poly “V” pulley sized for Listeroid speed, Poly “V” belt, QDC Bush and Power Control box with frequency meter.

Note: Electric start conversion kit includes 2 matched flywheels, one with starter ring gear attached, key puller and new keys. Starter motor, mounting bracket, control box with wiring harness, starting battery alternator with mounting bracket, pulley and “V” belt.

Note: The 7” and 10.75” poly V pulleys are the correct size for the 20” electric start flywheels to run a 4-pole alternator at 60 Hz. If you are replacing a factory 21”, 23” or 26” flywheel your pulleys will be the wrong diameter for 60Hz.