Configuration Rules

How do I select a generator that’s right for me?

A: First you must decide if you are designing for a battery ballasting system or a direct power system. This will determine if you need real-time power or recharge (time shifted) power; 1) With a battery ballasting system and inverter a good rule of thumb is the Listeroid generator should be rated at about 50% of the maximum consumption of your home or business through the inverter. For example, if your average continuous loads are 12 KW to 15KW, typical for a 2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft. home, you should size your Listeroid generator at between 6KW and 8KW continuous. So, size for 8KW with a 12/1 Listeroid and a 10KW alternator. In theory your Listeroid will run for twice the time you consume power at the maximum load. In practice the time will be closer to 1X1 if the consumed power averages at 2X the Listeroid maximum continuous output. If you are designing for a direct power system without batteries and an inverter, then size based on the active circuits you plan on powering continuously. For example, if you have 10 circuits at 15 amps each, that is 10 * (120V*15A) = 18 KW. So, size for 18KW with a 24/2 Listeroid and a 20KW alternator head.

If you are converting an existing home to Off-Grid power the most accurate way is to have an electrician apply an amp meter to the circuits or appliances that will operate with the Listeroid power. Measurements should be taken as the appliance starts up. That’s because start up requires the greatest amount of power.

To eliminate the hassle of this process, Bolton Power Equipment suggests you to simply match the system to the existing circuits in your electrical panel. With our 4KW, 6.5KW, 8KW, 10 KW and 15KW pre-packaged systems, we take the guesswork out of sizing. For customers concerned with air conditioning or other 240 V loads, make sure the transfer switch has an appropriate 240V circuit breaker and that the generator’s maximum surge Amps exceed the required starting Amps (LRA) shown on the A/C or other 240 V appliances data plate.

Q: How long does it take to install your new Listeroid generator?

A: Bolton Power Equipment Listeroid generator models, which come equipped with a Prime mover with electric start, starting battery charging alternator, a frame and as options, a main power alternator, correctly sized alternator pulley, power control box, Poly V belt and comprehensive technical manual, will take up to several days to install. The enclosure or shed must be prepared and the equipment components assembled and configured. Since every installation is different a cooling system must be designed and configured. The system comes with a cooling pump but how the cooling reservoir is constructed and how the engine exhaust is vented will be a function of the location and overall configuration of the Listeroid generating system. Liquid-cooled generators normally, because of their additional weight and the vibration of the reciprocating prime mover, must be installed on a heavy strong mounting surfaces such as a concrete slab. Depending on the overall environment, vibration isolators may be needed to separate the mounting frame from the slab. There are no uniform approaches to mechanical vibration isolation so we make no vendor or type recommendations here. The installer will decide if needed and specify any vibration isolators / dampers needed.

Note: Time estimates are based on typical applications. Additional time may be required to run electric lines, fuel and coolant piping and construct a cooling and exhaust system.

Q: Who should install the generator?

A: For safety reasons and to be sure of adherence to local, state and national codes Bolton Power Equipment recommends the generator be installed by a licensed contractor. However, the systems can be assembled and installed by a competent Do It Yourself-er.