Bolton Power Equipment

This high capacity, high lift water pump is designed for flooding small bogs or feeding distributed sprinkling systems from streams or ponds. Depending on the lift it can move hundreds of gallons per minute.

It can also be used to pump out flooded cellars (very quickly) or low lying areas around a building after a heavy rain. We believe this versatile pump has many uses and would make an excellent attachment for our AB-284 or any tractor with a category 1 3 point hitch and a 540 RPM PTO.

PTO Powered Category 1
3 Point Irrigation Pump
Model 2.5PTO Tripod Spray Unit Hoses
Pressure Head 150 Ft. - -
Suction Lift 9 Ft. - -
Flow Rate 8000 Gallons Per Hour Adjustable -
Pump Speed 2900 rpm - -
Input Hose 3.0"" - 26 Ft.
Output Hose 2.5" - 65 Ft.
Spray Radius - 100 Ft. to 120 Ft. -
List Price $1,295 (1) Inc. Both Inc.

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