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Bolton Power Equipment is proud to offer an inexpensive and flexible trenching attachment for any category 1 540/730 RPM 3 point hitch. This attachment has been specifically designed for our AB-284 tractor but it will function with other manufacturer's tractors, provided they can deliver at least 21 HP to the PTO.

Our trencher can certainly be used for agricultural purposes, but we think contractors and landscapers will find it a great value too! Our trencher can cut a trench up to 6" wide and 12" deep, perfect for installing underground sprinkling systems and laying underground electrical cable for things like low voltage driveway and patio lighting systems. Depending on soil conditions this machine can trench at upwards of 100 feet/min.

These trenchers are also great for cutting silt/snow fence trench. See the note to the right that we received from one of our good customers about his experience with the trencher. His note is re-printed here with his permission.

Tired of spending $hundreds$ a day in rent for something you'll never own?? We would be!

1K2030 PTO Trencher
"I was a little scared when I purchased my trencher machine, because I have tried ALL the walk-behind, and self-propelled models out there. Yesterday I mounted it on my rubber tracked dozer ( Also available from Bolton Power), and trenched 1000 feet in low gear, through a wooded jobsite, in less than 2 hours. This was a new record for us. We install hundreds of miles of silt fence and this machine did a lot more than expected. I usually don't like to endorse a system that gives us an edge over the competition, but, when myself and one man can complete (installed and backfilled) 1000 feet of silt fence ( @ $ 3.50 per foot) in six hours, the cost of the machine seems insignifcant. I'll be checking back for new items, often. Bob Jerszyk Sr., Bob Jerszyk Landscapes, Millbury, Ma. Member of International Erosion Control Assoc."
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