Q: What is Bolton Power Equipment?
A: We are importers and distributors of fine quality power equipment from China.

Q: What do we import?
A: The products include compact and full sized diesel tractors suitable for agriculture, industry, construction or even "weekend warriors" on their suburban "spreads". Trenchers, cultivators, seed drills and other agricultural attachments. PTO powered wood chippers, generators and water pumps. We also import a line of diesel powered standalone pumps and generators.

Q: Why China?
A: For a number of years we have been looking for a way to offer solid, basic and cost effective power equipment in the U.S. There is certainly fine quality power equipment built in the U.S., Canada and Japan, but it is expensive. We have spoken with many hundreds of potential customers and the comments all seem to lead to the same place. "Sure, embossed floor mats, colour coordinated knobs and fancy paint jobs are nice, but what we really want is basic, functional, durable and inexpensive equipment". We found this equipment in China. Chinese industry builds more small diesel engines (some 3,000,000 per year) and more diesel tractors than the rest of the world combined. They have to! The Chinese represent 1 in 4 people on the planet. By the middle of the next century it will be closer to 1 in 3. Their very survival depends on these durable machines to produce food. China is a developing country, they can't afford the luxury of special tools and special equipment to service their tractors. They are SIMPLE, they have to be. Anyone with a basic knowledge of diesel engines, mechanics and a set of metric tools can service them.

Q: Where in China do your products come from?
A: There are more than 60 clean and modern factories in China producing Tractors alone, never mind engines and attachments. We have done an exhausting amount of research to choose the best factories for our products. We have also worked with these factories to deliver our products in the configurations that our customers here in the U.S. want. We have worked tirelessly with our Chinese colleagues to build a product that "fits" our U.S. market, NOT import a standard Chinese configuration that doesn't fit our market as some other importers have done.

Q: What about parts?
A: Dealers will keep a stock of higher volume parts, such as filters etc. Bolton Power Equipment headquarters maintains a huge inventory of spare parts that can be shipped no later than next business day to either you or your dealer.


Q: How do I purchase from Bolton Power Equipment?
Purchasing a piece of power equipment such as a tractor or generator can be a daunting task. We here at Bolton Power Equipment will do whatever it takes to help you make an informed choice. We believe that folks work hard for their money and deserve good value for their purchasing decision. Give us a call or an E-Mail. We accept Master Card, Visa or checks. We will not post a charge until we have forwarded an invoice to you in the mail and received a signed copy back to insure that you are receiving exactly what you ordered. So give us a call and see how you can save some serious $$$$ on your next equipment purchase.

Please DO NOT send Credit Card information via E-Mail as it is not a secure link yet. Just give a phone number and we'll call you to take the order.

Q: What kind of Engines do your Tractors have?
A: All AG-BOSS tractors have 3 or 4 cylinder, wet sleeved diesel engines fitted with high capacity front mount hydraulic pumps. Other importers specify (2) cylinder engines for their tractors, of course they do, they're cheaper. (2) cylinder engines aren't as quiet or smooth as a 3 cylinder and most importantly they can't operate for as long at high power settings as the 3 cylinder models. The engine is the most important part of a tractor. We here at Bolton Power Equipment chose the very best engines for our tractors because we won't compromise on the respect we have for our customers.

Q: If these tractors are such a good deal, how can they be so inexpensive?
A: China has an enormous population. As a result they have an abundance of labour. Couple this with a much lower cost of living than in the U.S. and you get a much lower labour cost. Because of this abundance of inexpensive labour the factories have very little automation. Practically everything is done by hand. This means the factories do not have to invest in expensive automated production lines. In addition, the Chinese build their tractors to work, not to be "pretty", like the Japanese manufacturers have taken to doing. If you look very closely at a Chinese tractor you will see that their "fit and finish" is often not perfect. Fit and finish is not important to the operation of the tractor so the Chinese don't add to the cost of production by making it look pretty.

Jinma - Yellow Horse

Q: What if I'm interested in being a dealer?
A: Give us a call. We are always interested in talking to people who are as exicited about these products as we are. We offer (2) programs; (1) A full dealership where you inventory product and service the machines. With this program we provide matching marketing funds based on sales and flat rate warrenty support for the dealer. We also provide sales support and territories based on volume commitments. Prices based on initial purchases and ongoing volumes. (2) A partner program where you purchase a demo unit and commit to be a reference site. We pay you a commission for any sales leads that result in sales.

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