Bolton Power Equipment

These high capacity, high lift water pumps are designed for light irrigation by way of sprinkling systems or passive trench flooding. Depending on the lift they can move hundreds of gallons per minute. They are available in 2", 3" and 4" models.

These pumps can also be used to pump out flooded cellars (very quickly) or low lying areas around a building after a heavy rain. To put things in perspective, the largest (4") model will move over 3,000 metric tons of water (over 25,000 gallons) per hour. We equip all these pumps with the largest possible fuel tanks. The 2" model will run for up to 15 hours between fuelings. Tired of running out to the field every 4-5 hours to fuel your gasoline powered pump and then replacing it every year when it fails? We would be.. Isn't it time you moved up to a Bolton Power Diesel???

Air-Cooled Diesel Water Pump
Model 50KB15-3 (2") 80KB13-4 (3") 100KB16-6 (4")
Engine (Direct Injection) 3.5 (KW) 4.7(HP) 4.7 (KW) 6.7 (HP) 7.4 (KW) 10 (HP)
Maximum Pressure Head 85 Ft. 83 Ft. 100 Ft.
Maximum Suction Lift 26 Ft. 26Ft. 26 Ft.
Maximum Flow Rate 9,500 GPH 13,200 GPH 25,300 GPH
Pump Speed 3,600 rpm 3,600 rpm 3,600 rpm
Output Hose 2" 3" 4"
Net Weight 77 lbs 114 lbs 152 lbs
List Price $795 $995 $1,495

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