Bolton Power Equipment
KOYKER KB660 or WOODS Groundbreaker 3 point Backhoes

Bolton Power Equipment offers this great little Backhoe from KOYKER or a WOODs GroundBreaker as just the ticket for digging deep trenchs, dressing up landscaping or just about any type of excavating suitable for a 6' 3 point Backhoe. The KOYKER is installed with independent hydraulics while the WOODs is install to run off the tractor hydraulics. Heavy duty users may opt for the KOYKER while lighter duty users will find the WOODs a great choice. Every hoe we either ship or install comes with a pendullum bar mount and or cross bars to take the load off the lower lift arm hinge pins. At Bolton Power we will install the back hoe that you need, no more no less.


The KB660 Backhoe with all mounting hardware and hydraulic components lists at $6,995 installed. The WOODs BH6000 Ground Breaker back hoe is $5,495 installed. Check for availability of WOODS Equipment

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