So, what is a Listeroid and why are they such a good idea? If you live off-grid and require a reasonable amount of power, it's difficult to escape the necessity of a generator. This doesnít mean that you should run out and buy an inexpensive but noisy and gas-guzzling generator from a Big-Box store that probably won't last for more than a few years. Consider building out modern attachments with the power, reliability, and efficiency of a Listeroid diesel engine. Despite their power, Listeroids are efficient to operate and maintain. Specific fuel consumption with high cetane fuel is in the range of 200 grams/kwh , the lowest fuel consumption of almost any diesel engine familty in existence.


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Listeriods are clones of the original English Lister engines that have been around since the 1920's. The first Lister diesel engine introduced back in the 1920's produced 5 horse power at 600 rpm. This was quickly replaced by the more commonly available 6 hp @ 650 rpm standard. Various models of this cold-start engine followed, until production gradually ended in England in the 1970s. Surprisingly, many thousands of these tough old engines are still running strong today and are still available as a new generation of "Listeroids". Bolton Power Listeriod platforms are constructed with parts made in India, the USA and other countries. Bolton Power offers Listeroid platforms from 6Hp to 24Hp, enough to easily power any size home.



Attaching an alternator or generator is a quick way to produce great quantities of electricity to run demanding equipment or charge your battery bank, but the benefits a Listeroid can offer donít end there. Any stationary equipment with a belt drive can be powered. Equipment like water pumps, threshing machines, saw mills, corn dehusters or perhaps seed grinders could also be powered. The Listeroidís indirect fuel injection and low rpm aid its ability to burn alternative fuels and reduce wear. Biodiesel, Reddiesel (furnace oil), waste vegetable oil, and other waste oils are potential alternatives to pump diesel for your new workhorse. Pretty much any fossil or bio-diesel fuel can be used. Reports of Listers running for decades with little or no maintenance are no exaggeration. If maintenance is required, there's no need to be concerned. The engineís simple design and limited number of parts enable those with little experience to perform most maintenance tasks. Despite the engineís weight, which can be up to about 1,200 lbs for the twin cylinder versions, the engine can be completely rebuilt in place -- again, thanks to the ingenious and lasting design. Whether you are building out a new power station for your off-grid home or just adding reliable and economical power to your on-grid home, a Listeroid platform from Bolton Power, with the benefits of multiple fuel choices, simple construction, and long lasting performance is a wise choice.

After food, water and shelter, isn't power the next most important thing to Prep for? A Listeroid gives you and your family indepence in power generation, come what may in the future.

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